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Job Opening: Production Engineer, Live & Multi


Staða: Framleiðsluverkfræðingur, Live & Multi
fyrirtæki: Netflix
Staðsetning: Los Angeles CA US

Netflix is the leading provider of streaming video, a lot of it original content: features, shorts, series, documentaries, comedy specials and unscripted content. Optimizing content quality and longevity without compromising efficiency across all types of projects presents significant challenges, but that’s what the Production Technologies team does by setting technical requirements and best practices, driving new industry standards, consulting on the studio’s technical infrastructure, providing direct support to Netflix Original Productions and staying up-to-date with the most advanced developments in professional and consumer technology. Our engineers are subject matter experts who offer varied yet overlapping backgrounds in motion picture production, post-production and distribution – image science, editorial, color correction, image capture, encoding, compression, storage, video, audio… Every day, we collaborate with the crews as well as our internal production, post-production, distribution, marketing, facilities and development teams.

As Netflix creates more and more programming around the world leveraging new video and audio production technology, we are scaling to support the needs of diverse creative teams while continuing to foster industry-wide change.

About You

You are an expert in the technical workflows and practices of multi-camera production for live events and unscripted content, with experience across all budget levels and nonfiction genres. You understand current workflows, techniques and tools, and how they’ve developed as technology and creative demands have evolved. You have worked with technical directors, directors, show-runners, lighting directors, producers, camera operators, mixers, network or studio executives, and you understand their goals and challenges. You’ve kept abreast of developing standards and new technologies that are shaping content, and have ideas about how to ensure its longevity.

As part of the Production Technologies group, you will:

  • Provide direct technical support to Netflix Originals productions in the field.
  • Represent the Netflix Studio Technologies group at industry functions, conferences, committee meetings, etc.
  • Educate various internal and external teams on Netflix Originals technical specifications and production best practices.
  • Explore, analyze and document production practices, challenges and opportunities.
  • Devise and carry-out strategies to achieve our production goals, improve efficiency and foster the evolution of industry practices.
  • Create blogs, documentation and other support resources to educate creative partners and vendors about our requirements and initiatives.
  • Evaluate vendors for readiness to service Netflix Originals productions.
  • Help guide development and adoption of production tools in the multicam space.
  • Maintain currency on Audio, Video and other production technology.


  • 8+ years of multi-camera production experience in a technical capacity, interacting with creatives and operators.
  • Understanding of a variety of video production workflows and practices across different types of content, from award shows to cooking competition shows to talk shows.
  • Experience with 4K/UHD workflows.
  • Knowledge of industry standards and the bodies that ratify them.
  • Knowledge of and relationships with technology solutions, equipment and service vendors across post and production.
  • Knowledge of A/V distribution formats and consumer technology;
  • The communication skills to clearly articulate and document technical concepts and explain how they impact the creative process.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of live sound production, color correction and sound & video capture, and the workflows that govern their use.
  • A passion for live production.


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